Introduction of GNUST

Gannan University of Science and Technology

Gannan University of Science and Technology (GNUST) is located in the city of Ganzhou, South Jiangxi at the source of Gan River. With its 2300-year history, Ganzhou is a national tourist and culturally important city, which is also known as the Cradle of Hakka Culture, the onetime capital of Chinese Revolution, and one of the famous garden cities all over the country.

GNUST is a public undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education of China, organized by the People's Government of Jiangxi Province and Ganzhou City. In December 2020, as the first municipal full-time undergraduate university, GNUST grew out of College of Applied Science, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology (CAS, JXUST), which was set up as a full-time undergraduate independent institute of JXUST in August 2001.

With an area of nearly 538,400 square meters, including 300,000 square meters of building and 200,000 square meters of planting, the campus has excellent surroundings and rich cultural deposits, creditably a perfect place for learning.

There are seven faculties with 10,000 students on campus: Faculty of Intelligent Manufacturing and Automotive Engineering, Faculty of Rare Earth and New Materials Engineering, Faculty of Electronic Information Engineering, Faculty of Resources and Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Economics and Modern Finance, Faculty of Humanity and Law, Faculty of Design and Art, and thirty specialties of undergraduate courses, which recruit students from thirty provinces and municipalities.