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Gannan University of Science and Technology (GNUST) locates in Ganzhou city of the southern part of China and the upper reaches of Ganjiang River, is also called Gannan, which is a well-known state-listed historical cultural city, an outstanding tourist city of China, a national model in hygiene, greening and public security.

Mineral Resources in Ganzhou are predominant in non-ferrous metal ores and rare metals ores, and Ganzhou is known as “The Tungsten Capital of the World” and “Kingdom of Rare Earth”. Ganzhou city is a famous historical and cultural city, including many cultural sites of Song Dynasty, such as the Song Dynasty ancient wall, Bajing Terrace, Yugu Tower, Ganzhou Confucian temple, Tongtianyan. It is well-known for the Songcheng of the southern China. Besides, Ganzhou city is a famous traditional revolution area in China, the provisional government of the Ruijin Soviet Republic during the period of the Second Revolutionary Civil War, having the reputation of being “the former red capital” and “the cradle of the People’s Republic of China”.

Application Documents:

1.Resume (including personal information, educational background, work experience, and other related information)

2.Degree certificate and teaching certificates


4.Reference letters

5.Recent 2-inch photo

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