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The 2022 Teachers' Day Commendation Conference held in GNUST

【| Author: 叶楠 | Date: 2022-10-21 16:56:07 | ClickTimes: [] 】

On the afternoon of October 18, GNUST held a commendation meeting for Teachers' Day of 2022 in the Academic Lecture Hall of the Library.

The commendation meeting kicked off with the National Anthem. Deng Yilin, Deputy Director of GNUST Transitional Management Committee, read out the commendation decision.

Li Guojin, Director of GNUST transitional Management Committee, made a speech at the meeting. On behalf of the school, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the teaching staff who have been working hard and selflessly for a long time, with their hard work and sweat, knowledge and wisdom, for the education cause of the Party, for the growth of students, and for the reform and innovation of our school in the front line of teaching, scientific research and management services! “ I would like to extend my warmest congratulations and highest respect to the collectives and individuals who have won the honor and been commended!” He said that it is precisely because of such a team of excellent teachers and workers who are conscientious and meticulous in educating with such a spirit of selfless dedication that our education has today's prosperity and glory!